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A compilation of Gracia's in-game cutscenes from Samurai Warriors 2: Xtreme Legends and the Samurai Warriors 3: Xtreme Legends. The videos were not recorded by me.
Last Updated: 26 April 2013

Samurai Warriors 2: Xtreme Legends

01; Heroic Rescue

Gracia runs away from home to learn more about the world around her, and ends up being assaulted by bandits (though the Japanese dub hints they are Akechi soldiers trying to take her back home). She is saved and tended to by Magoichi Saika, whom from that point on, she calls her mentor, determined to follow him wherever he goes.

02; Friendship
After the battle of Anegawa, Gracia continues to follow an exasperated Magoichi. Calling him her personal nickname "Mago", she learns of what it means to be pals with someone, and befriends him. They make a promise that whenever one is in trouble, the other will do whatever it takes to help them.

03; Reunion
The Assault on the Saika Village--Magoichi's home town--left many an impact. Magoichi, attempting to assassinate Nobunaga Oda (the man responsible for burning down his town and killing its people), is reported to be dead. Despite hearing such news, Gracia continues to fight with a faint hope that once the battle was over, Magoichi would re-appear. Unfortunately, even after defeating Nobunaga and her own father for a second time, Magoichi is nowhere to be found.

After many years of being MIA, Magoichi returns to save Gracia (who was taken back to her home after the Saika village incident) from the Western Army, led by Mitsunari Ishida. His presence reminds the now matured 'little girl' of his motto of never giving up, and the promise they made to another.

04; Promise Kept
Magoichi and Gracia are successful in warding off the Western Army, and though Gracia chooses to stay where she is, she re-affirms that no matter where they go, she will always put her life on the line for her pal.

EXTRA! Gracia's Gameplay
Her moveset, special attacks, and basically just seeing her in action. This video features her Dream Stage (a fictional, bonus stage after finishing a character's story) wherein she participates in a fictional beauty competition with the land's deadliest women. Meanwhile, Magoichi plots something sinister underneath a guise of sweet words and encouragement...

Samurai Warriors 3: Xtreme Legends/Samurai Warriors 3: Z

The Compilation;

Gracia's latest incarnation features a whole new adventure with both old and new bonds. Her relationship with her father, Akechi Mitsuhide, takes center stage as she leaves home in order to learn what it takes for a peaceful, gentle land -- initially the dream of her father, that eventually turns into her own personal desire. She follows him in battle, ever curious and willing to learn, but gains a mature edge, questioning the inhuman actions of the Demon King as well as the sacrifices necessary for a better land. Why do people fight? What do they fight for? Is it worth it; what they gain and what they lose? She is faced with a choice between her loyalty to her father and her marriage with Hosokawa Tadaoki. Gracia spirals into depression after the disappearance of Mitsuhide and the death of Motochika, forced to stay behind as her husband makes sacrifices of his own. However, Gracia gains new friends and learns the meaning of living for the future, ultimately earning both her and her loved ones a unified Japan.

** The Magoichi/Gracia dimension has been retconned, though he is one of the three precious friends she gains in her journey.
** Oda Nobunaga is no longer the antagonist in her eyes, rather it is Toyotomi Hideyoshi who took her father away from her.
** She is officially married to Hosokawa Tadaoki, taking place some time after the battle at Kizugawa Bay and before Hideyoshi's retaliation in Yamazaki.

If you're interested in seeing her actual story-mode stage by stage, just follow these links :) They have not been translated in English, but if you can understand a bit of the dialogue, then it shouldn't be too much of a problem. (I'll try and translate some of it soon. I know I've already done so before, but I didn't record it properly.)

Stage 1: Battle at Kizugawa Bay. (Part 2.) | Stage 2: Battle at Yamazaki. (Part 2.) | Stage 3: Battle at Oshi-ju Castle. | Stage 4: Gracia's Escape (Part 2.) | Stage 5: Battle at Sekigahara. (Part 2.)

Adding this little bit because it's heavily related to Gracia's characterization; Mori Ranmaru plays a big part in how Gracia sees herself duty-bound to protect and risk her life for her friends. Though his story is completely separate from the events that take place in Gracia's own story-mode, Gracia is involved in most - if not in all - of Ranmaru's stages. She does not understand why Ranmaru sees no value in his own life, and wishes for him to find something worth fighting for instead of needlessly throwing himself into the line of fire, even if it is for his Lord's safety. In the end, Ranmaru tragically slays Gracia's father, yet returns to the burning temple of Honnoji to save Gracia who never stopped trying to rescue her friend.

Samurai Warriors 3: Empires
SW3: Empires is another expansion pack for the main title. More about its non-linear and highly customizable gamplay can be read here. Gracia appears and shares a few cutscenes with Akechi Mitsuhide, Chosokabe Motochika, Mori Ranmaru, Saika Magoichi, and Tachibana Ginchiyo. (Note that each expansion pack and series from the Samurai Warriors franchise is taken to be individual universes within their own games; take them as separate canon-verses that supplement one another, rather than continue the story in a traditional fashion.)

(Note #2: These have not been translated/subbed in English. I'll try and make some time to put in translations one of these days!)

(She shares screen-time with Motochika during his story-mode in Empires!)

Samurai Warriors 3: Chronicles

(From the KOEI Wikipedia) "Samurai Warriors Chronicles (戦国無双クロニクル, Sengoku Musou Chronicle) is the second title of the Samurai Warriors series to be exclusively made for a hand-held console and Koei-Tecmo's flagship title for the Nintendo 3DS. The goal of the title is to involve the player as an active observer of the time period with a unique third-person experience. The producer himself considers "you and your friends" as the main protagonists. Main story mode featuring the player's original character as the protagonist. The main goal of this feature is to let players experience seventy years of history through their own character's perspective, meaning returning characters from the series will not have their own Story Modes within this title. The player is the star and is free to align themselves with whoever they see fit within the game's chapters."

SW:C also features a "relationship" gauge, where the main character can bond with the main characters of the original franchise in order to unlock them as allies in battle, or for extra dialogue. Here are some of Gracia's:

(Note: There are a few inconsistencies in the characterization, compared to how some characters are portrayed in the other expansion packs. But I take it with a grain of salt and incorporate quirks and tidbits with what it doesn't conflict with.)