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★ character survey of doom!

Body and Appearance
1. Describe the character's height and build. Is she heavyset, thin, short, rangy? She's apparently 5"4, and she's definitely thin to lean in terms of build.

2. How old is she? 18 years old, so everyone ignore that 10-20 year sequence of events in her story >_>

3. Describe her posture. Does she carry herself well or does she slouch? She has pretty excellent posture when it comes to her fighting style - look up any video of her gameplay and you'll see how straight and precise all her punches and kicks are - and I think that that good posture carries over outside of a fight as well. I don't think she's the type to slouch, in her cutscenes in the game, she doesn't curve her shoulders or anything. As dynamic as she is, she still stands straight and what not.

4. How is her health? Is she fit or out of shape? Any illnesses or conditions? Any physical disabilities? She's pretty healthy, and she's far from being out of shape. She has no disabilities or illnesses.

5. How does she move? Is she clumsy, graceful, tense, fluid? I'd say it's a combination of tense and graceful, and I only say tense because when she fights she's as rigid as a board (which probably comes from the fighting style besides anything else). Besides that, Gracia's pretty graceful. If the name is any indication of, lmao.

6. How attractive is this character physically? How does she perceive herself in the mirror? Tadaoki, her husband, fell in love with her at first sight because of her beauty (then later on because he impressed her on the battlefield). I think that's enough of an indication that she was pretty, right? It's usually overlooked because of her youth and non-traditional appeal, unfortunately. For a Japanese woman (full-blooded, might I point out), her coloring is extremely strange -- like seriously, what was KOEI on? Red hair and green eyes? Not to mention Knight of the Round Table Nagamasa... As for how she perceives herself in the mirror, she's actually quite shy when people compliment her. She's quick to turn it around and direct it towards someone she thinks is much more beautiful or attractive (*cough* her dad *cough*). Humble could be the word for it, but I think it's more of a lack of confidence in her looks than anything else. SW:Chronicles scratches the surface of this quirk; when Kai and Kunoichi tell her she "looks like a doll!" / "she's like a gem!", she tells them that those aren't true at all, and her father is much more good looking.

7. Describe her complexion. Dark, light, clear, scarred? She has a very light complexion. No scars too.

8. Describe her hair: color, texture, style. It's short with the ends reaching her neck/collarbones, and she braids a long portion of hair near her fringe. She tucks it behind her ear and a black, elaborate headband puts it in place. Based on genes alone, I'm hoping she has hair as awesome as Mitsuhide's in terms of texture. Color-wise, it's red leaning towards magenta/brown in certain lights.

9. What color are her eyes? Very light green, almost pastel green even.

10. Does the character have any other noteworthy features? ...I don't know if this is just me, but she has awesome legs. Rock those thigh-high, girl. And again, this may be just me and my Gracia obsession, but she has really amazing eyelashes. They're so thick and long, asdfghjkl.

11. What are her chief tension centers? I have no freaking idea, mang.

12. What is the character's wardrobe like? Casual, dressy, utilitarian? Bright colors, pastels, neutrals? Is it varied, or does she have six of the same suit? She wears a lot of layered clothing. In terms of color scheme, they're purple/violet/blue/black majority of the time. The colors of the Akechi/Oda, simply put. She dresses with tons of floral accents as well. Oh, and bloomers underneath a skirt. A mini-cape to boot, too. Cosplay galore, I say!

13. Do her clothes fit well? Does she seem comfortable in them? Well, they're not falling off of her, so I suppose they fit well...? And yeah, she seems pretty comfy in them too. I wouldn't go to war wearing her outfits, but to each his/her own, right?

14. Does she dress the same on the job as she does in her free time? If not, what are the differences? In video game world, you rarely change costumes no matter what you're doing, and this is no exception. Heck in KOEI-verse, no matter how many years pass for the characters, they don't look like they've aged a day :| Thank goodness for headcanon; I say she removes the cape and shoes when she's at home and chilling. Or she changes completely with an outfit that's just as lolita in style, but less elaborate.

15. You knew it was coming: Boxers, briefs or commando? FUCKING BLOOMERS BITCHES, WHAT UP.

1. What does this character's voice sound like? High-pitched, deep, hoarse? Because there is no English dub out yet ever, her original Japanese dub sounds very very very high. Not helium-high, but it's...it's highly pitched. I don't know how to describe it, actually! The only word I can use to sum up her voice is animated; when she's happy and excited, you can tell in her voice, and when she's sad and hurt, you can tell too because her voice gets significantly deeper and the intonation changes.

2. How does she normally speak? Loud, soft, fast, evenly? Does she talk easily, or does she hesitate? Normally, she speaks very excitedly, very happy to find things out. Whenever something is plaguing her, or when she has something she wants to or needs to say, nothing stops her from just outright saying it, though it might come out as a question, rhetorical or otherwise most of the time. It's probably a combination of loud, soft, fast and evenly, again depending on how she feels. She wears her heart on her sleeve, and her voice mirrors that. Interestingly, Gracia speaks rather informally. She doesn't call Motochika "Lord" or even in the Japanese dub with an honorific, she just says his full first name. The same goes with all the warlords she meets in her story mode; no honorifics, just the name. In fact, the only person she calls formally is her father ("父上" - Chichiue, a very respectful, formal term for father, as opposed to おとうさん - "otousan". There are grammatical rules to consider as well, but let's not delve into that for now). As her story mode continues, she also calls one more person formally, and that's her husband ("ムコ殿" - mukodono, the very formal term for "my husband") Tadaoki. Another interesting fact about her speech is that when she considers you important to her, or you're in friendly terms with her, she will shorten your name (if still possible) and make a nickname for you. E.g. Ranmaru is called "Ran", Magoichi is called "Mago"...(Which leads me to wonder why she doesn't call Motochika any nicknames, and just says his full name all throughout, even when it's been established that Motochika considers Gracia as his own daughter because of his "soul-bonded" friendship with Mitsuhide. Could it be that Gracia just has her own way of showing respect towards people? That she respects Motochika too much to give him a casual nickname? OR DID KOEI RUN OUT OF THINGS TO CALL HIM? Who knows, really.)

3. Does the character have a distinct accent or dialect? Any individual quirks of pronunciation? Any, like, you know, verbal tics? She ends her sentences with "-ャ" all the time (sounds like "-ja"). This is a verbal tic usually heard from old people. I've asked my Japanese language teacher about it, and she also says that it's informal nowadays. It's like the informal/colloquial version of "-desu".

4. What language/s does she speak, and with how much fluency? She only speaks Japanese, and maybe a tad bit of Chinese if we're taking in real history into consideration? But she's extremely fluent in Japanese. It's her native tongue, after all.

5. Does she switch languages or dialects in certain situations? Nope. Not that I know of. She still keeps the verbal tics even when she's serious, though.

6. Is she a good impromptu speaker, or does she have to think about her words? She usually speaks her mind, so I guess in some way, that makes her a good impromptu speaker. Other times though, the lack of a brain-to-mouth filter gets her into trouble. Take that as you will. She's more of a, "I want to know something, please tell me" kind of person.

7. Is she eloquent or inarticulate? Under what circumstances might this change? Depends. She's eloquent when she wants to be, when she's passionate about something, but when she's at a loss regarding the situation, then you can't expect anything beyond questions from her.

Mental and Emotional
1. How intelligent is this character? Is she book-smart or street-smart? She's smart, but more of the book-smart than street-smart. That said, Gracia's history of being kept indoors for majority of her young life contributes to that. However, because she's quite the naive one when it comes to matters beyond what she was taught, Gracia will usually ask questions that most people already know. It gives the impression that she's not the brightest tool in the shed, but it's mostly because of her lack of experience in living in the outside world. Not so much that she's dumb, oh no. She's far from it.

2. Does she think on her feet, or does she need time to deliberate? Most of the time, she just thinks on her feet, but there do exist moments where she has to ask herself, or someone else, "What should I/we do?" before she really acts. There are definitely more instances wherein Gracia thinks on her feet - instinctively, I mean - though. I think it's this weird balance between listening to her heart and listening to her brain, which really just depends on the situation and the people involved. If her father or Motochika or Ranmaru were in danger, she wouldn't even question aiding them, despite the heavy consequences that could be involved. But when it's something regarding long-term things, like the future and whatnot, Gracia's not exactly the one with the elaborate plan.

3. Describe the character's thought process. Is she more logical, or more intuitive? Idealistic or practical? Intuitive, definitely. Again, when she acts on her feelings and sentiments, Gracia rarely sees the effects of her choices in the long run. She has to have it pointed out to her, and even then, she'll be the first to ignore them in favor of what she thinks is right.

4. What kind of education has the character had? I'm assuming she's had a pretty good education, living in a noble samurai household for most of her life. I bet she had private tutors or something.

5. What are her areas of expertise? What, if anything, is she interested in learning more about? I'm not sure about areas of expertise, but she wants to learn about everything ever. Seriously. It doesn't matter. She openly welcomes new experiences and lessons, and enjoys (most of the time, at least) what she learns about the world.

6. Is she an introvert or an extrovert? Extrovert.

7. Describe the character's temperament. Is she even-tempered or does she have mood swings? Cheerful or melancholy? Laid-back or driven? She's extremely cheerful and happy, very vibrant and animated...she's enthusiastic about the things that she does, regardless of what it is she's doing. She's driven in a sense that she follows her instincts and she goes for what she wants even if the whole world is telling her not to do it. She has a Pandora complex, if you will. However, that doesn't mean Gracia isn't prone to bouts of depression as well. In fact, in her story mode, after the battle at Yamazaki, Gracia was described to have been incredibly sad and crestfallen from losing her father and Motochika all at once. That sort of pushed her to do things like run away and fight a war that she wasn't even involved in, purely for the sake of defeating the man she blamed to be the cause of her father's disappearance.

8. How does she respond to new people or situations? Is she suspicious, relaxed, timid, enthusiastic? Like I said before, she's definitely enthusiastic about meeting new people. She's quick to welcome others and nowadays, she's very quick to befriend. As for situations, again, Gracia will always be the first to ask about what's going on and what she can or should do. Other times, she'll just go with her gut and do something on her own. You know. Like hide inside crates and sneak into battlefields in them....

9. Is she more likely to act, or to react? React then act.

10. Which is her default: fight or flight? She doesn't like fighting or violence, so default is definitely to run or avoid conflict if possible.

11. Describe the character's sense of humor. Does she appreciate jokes? Puns? Gallows humor? Bathroom humor? Pranks? ...Err, she's a bit dense so most likely she won't get sarcasm, or she'll take jokes too seriously.

12. Does the character have any diagnosable mental disorders? If yes, how does she deal with them? None that I know of! Daddy's Girl Syndrome??? LMAO.

13. What moments in this character's life have defined her as a person? Her entire story mode basically. A lot of who Gracia is tends to stem from her father, Akechi Mitsuhide. She adores him to a fault; she will follow him wherever he goes, she idolizes his every action, she'll protect him even if it means her own death. From there, you can see a lot of her good and bad traits already. The very first time I've seen her depressed was when her father was suspected to be dead, because he was nowhere to be found. And while she's happy most of the time anyway, there's something different about her demeanor when her father is around. She's a daddy's girl all the way, it's so evident in what motivates her, and all she wants to do is to make his dream for a "gentle land"/peaceful land come true. At the same time, that's a bit of a downside to who she is as a person because she requires people around her to define her. She has no personal dream up until she realizes that her father's dream is also what she wants. She has yet to realize the entirety of who she is. Gracia's a bit immature in that sense, and she lacks foresight like you wouldn't believe.

14. What does she fear? Losing her father, losing Motochika, which has roots in her ultimate fear to be alone. Like I said, who she is as a person is still immature. She still needs her father and other people to know who she is. So of course it's devastating for her to lose these people whom she looks up to; it sort of messes with her and her motivations. She's frightened of Oda Nobunaga too, mostly because he was way too cruel and way too violent. I guess from that, you could say Gracia's not too fond of the gory moments in life either.

15. What are her hopes or aspirations? To achieve that dream of her father, for a "gentle land" where no one has to fight, everyone is safe and happy...She wants to be with her family and her precious people for as long as possible. She's quite the idealist when it comes to dreams and hopes. Gracia hasn't really matured to the point where she knows that sometimes, there will be things that won't go your way. And you just have to move on from them and keep going, because that's the best way to honor those who've you've lost.

16. What is something she doesn't want anyone to find out about her? She doesn't have any particular skeletons in the closet, no dirty secrets or anything. Gracia's such an easy read, you can totally tell if she's hiding something. She's a horrible cook. Trufax. HAHA.

1. Describe this character's relationship with her parents. We don't see her mother at all in the games. Gracia only mentions her, but she's not an actual canonical entity. We just know she exists somewhere in the background. What I can tell from certain dialogues in the games however, Gracia does love both her parents very much, though it's safer to say that Gracia's love for her father is much stronger, or at the very least, more provable. That's her strongest bond, actually. I said it once and I'll say it again, Gracia is a total daddy's girl. She will never give up on her father, no matter what happens to her. To her, if she can't be with her father, than she has little to absolutely no direction in life. She's very close with him, and she'd rather people compliment her father than compliment her.

2. Does the character have any siblings? What is/was their relationship like? Historically, yes she had plenty of siblings. In the Samurai Warriors games, it doesn't really make mention of any of them. I know Mitsuhide adopted some sons, but it makes things complicated when I take those into consideration, so I pretend they're just cousins and Gracia is an only child.

3. Are there other blood relatives to whom she is close? Are there ones she can't stand? Nope.

4. Are there other, unrelated people whom she considers part of her family? What are her relationships with them? Chosokabe Motochika is like her second father, and he himself stated in SW3:Empires that he considers Gracia as his own daughter. It's sort of hinted that when she was still a child, it was Motochika who cared for her when Mitsuhide was away. She loves him dearly, and his death in Yamazaki contributed to her depression. Also, Motochika said that it is because of his influence and hair-styling expertise (lol) that Gracia dresses the way she does now. Yeah, seriously. So they're pretty close. There's no question about it anymore. Motochika is family, even if they're not blood-related. Also, starting from SW3:Empires, I think Ginchiyo has become her honorary auntie too.

5. Who is/was the character's best friend? How did they meet? In SW2:XL, Saika Magoichi was her best friend. In SW3:XL, maybe it's her dad? But in Ranmaru's story, it's definitely Ranmaru. She follows him like a devoted puppy.

6. Does she have other close friends? At the end of her story in SW3:XL, she became friends with Kai, Nene and Saika Magoichi (though not to the extent of their friendship in SW2:XL).

7. Does she make friends easily, or does she have trouble getting along with people? Two words: social butterfly. Man, she even asks her enemies nice questions.

8. Which does she consider more important: family or friends? Family. She only really discovered the meaning of friendship when she asked Magoichi why he fought for the Toyotomi. He answered, "It's because I'm friends with both Hideyoshi and Masamune." and then it sort of went on to how friends are also important people that you have to risk your life to protect. In Ranmaru's story, you'll see this fleshed out more.

9. Is the character single, married, divorced, widowed? Has she been married more than once? She's married to Hosokawa Tadaoki, the leader of the Hosokawa clan. She's never been married more than once, that is her only marriage, nor has she been divorced/widowed.

10. Is she currently in a romantic relationship with someone other than a spouse? Nope. I wish. Tadaoki, you giant ship!blocker!!! asdfghj;

11. Who was her first crush? Who is her latest? In SW2:XL, I bet she had a bit of a crush on Magoichi before it simmered down into hero worship-turned-best friend. In the latest game, I'd like to think she actually fell in love with Mori Ranmaru. I mean, look at the extent of her actions for him. But then, it's sort of tragic because at the end of Ranmaru's story, he ends up killing her father and Motochika and stuff. So while he did save her from dying in Honnoji, she has yet to realize that in the end, Ranmaru killed both of her most important people ;; BUUUUT I don't know, take it with a grain of salt. You don't crossover story modes when it comes to KOEI. It'll definitely give you more than one discrepancy.

12. What does she look for in a romantic partner? Oh, you mean besides being a giant tsundere? 8|; Lmao, probably someone extremely smart/knowledgeable, friendly and determined. A partner that won't cage her in. And since she's so into her father, maybe someone who has really amazing hair similar, if not the same, characteristics as Mitsuhide??? /inb4 all the Freud references.

13. Does the character have children? Grandchildren? If yes, how does she relate to them? If no, does she want any? None, none none.

14. Does she have any rivals or enemies? Ugh, Toyotomi Hideyoshi. She no likey him. Also, Ishida Mitsunari is kind of a jerk to her, so she doesn't like him either.

15. What is the character's sexual orientation? Where does she fall on the Kinsey scale? She's heterosexual, and on the scale she's no doubt a 0. Maybe a 1 at most, or okay 2 in some very rare cases.

16. How does she feel about sex? How important is it to her? Let's just say her sex life with Tadaoki is not the most pleasant of experiences ;; Whoops headcanon. But come on, look at the guy. Obsessive city, anyone? So yeah, she's a tad bit confused in that area; is it supposed to hurt or is it supposed to feel good? When her two dads do it, it sounds great.../SHOT Tl;dr, she knows that's how babies are made. Fff.

17. What are her turn-ons? Turn-offs? Weird bedroom habits? Biting. Preferably on the thighs. (troll)

1. Do you know your character's astrological (zodiac of choice) sign? How well does she fit type? Headcanon has her birthday down to the month of May, so she's a Gemini. As for the Chinese Zodiac...guh, so many of them fit her, but none fit her exactly? But if I had to choose the best one, The Horse seems like a good match for her. Somewhat. (Other prospective choices; Rat, Rabbit, Monkey...Dog?)

2. Is this character religious, spiritual, both, or neither? How important are these elements in her life? KOEI disregarded her historical Christian background in the recent installment of the game, so Gracia's not Christian this time around. (Apparently, she's not even called "Gracia" in the game. People refer to her as either, "hey you!" or other such general names, and "Tama", which is her birthname. Headcanon says her mother, who headcanon also says is a foreigner, gave her the name "Gracia". More into that later x3)

3. Does this character have a personal code of morals or ethics? If so, how did that begin? What would it take to compromise it? She's as moral as they come and the only way her strong belief in people and her high value for life would be compromised is if something involved one of her pals/her father in a life-threatening situation. But even then it would still need some deliberation. Actually, comparing her story mode with Ranmaru's - where Gracia constantly hounds on him to take care of his life - there's a large contradiction. She preaches Ranmaru on how important his life is, and that he should stop throwing it away recklessly, but in retrospect, isn't that what she's doing in her own story mode, albeit for her father? #mytwocents.

4. How does she regard beliefs that differ from hers? Is she tolerant, intolerant, curious, indifferent? Err, she's half and half. She didn't react so well to the Hideyoshi faction, nor did she react well to Nobunaga's methods of "peace". She'll be curious, but depending on how different their beliefs are from her, Gracia will either be somewhat tolerant or extremely intolerant.

5. What prejudices does she hold? Are they irrational or does she have a good reason for them? Anyone related to Hideyoshi = must be bad (though she always does ask why they're siding with him. Mago answered right, Mitsunari did not :|). Father = KNOWS EVERYTHING, SO STRONG HANDSOME AND SMART ♥ The first one is a tad bit irrational. She just associates Hideyoshi with bad things because of the battle of Yamazaki. The second bit is due to her daddy's girl complex, dunno if that's irrational or not.

Daily Life
1. What is the character's financial situation? Is she rich, poor, comfortable, in debt? Back home, I'd assume she was well-off. She had enough money to buy clothes that came from foreign lands. (She says this in Empires; and look at what she's wearing that's not exactly an outfit ancient Japanese women would wear to go to the market, lmfao)

2. What is her social status? Has this changed over time, and if so, how has the change affected her? She eventually married into another rich family, so I don't think she's ever experienced poverty? If anything, she might have gotten richer. As for social status, she's a "traitor's daughter" but she did become the Lady of the Hosokawa, because her husband is the Lord. However, her actions at Yamazaki and her subsequent actions in the fight against the Toyotomi at Oshi Castle might have tainted her reputation just a tad. In Vatheon however, that's all just titles and words.

3. Where does she live? House, apartment, trailer? Is her home her castle or just a place to crash? What condition is it in? Does she share it with others? Back home, in the castle of the Akechi clan, and then she switched castles after getting married. In Vatheon, she lives in a cozy home on Olie Street.

4. Besides the basic necessities, what does she spend her money on? Books? Shiny trinkets? Curious little things you find in stores? Oh, stuff for her dad/Motochika, most probably. Accessories too!

5. What does she do for a living? Is she good at it? Does she enjoy it, or would she rather be doing something else? She's a good daughter/soldier/fighter, but compared to the standard, she's a horrible wife. Just, horrible. Haha.

6. What are her interests or hobbies? How does she spend her free time? Learning new things/satiating her curiosity, exploring outside...stuff like that. Doting on her father, oh, let's not forget that. What is one-track mind.

7. What are her eating habits? Does she skip meals, eat out, drink alcohol, avoid certain foods? Hmm, she eats regularly, and I doubt she drinks alcohol.

Which of the following do you associate with the character or which is her favorite:

1. Color? Lavendar, soft purples/violets, light blues.
2. Smell? Soft cotton mixed with the scent of freshly picked flowers.
3. Time of day? Mid-morning/afternoon.
4. Season? Spring or summer.
5. Book? "Neverwhere" by Neil Gaiman.
6. Music? "ソライロ" by BRIGHT. I actually associate majority of BRIGHT's songs with Gracia. There's also "Harbor", by Vienna Teng, "For Good" from Wicked! (sung by Kriste Chenoweth and Idina Menzel), "Fireflies" and "If my Heart was a House", by Owl City, "Incredible" by The Shapeshifters.
7. Place? The beach or a vast, green meadow with lots of foliage and butterflies. And an amazing view of the sky. With strong winds.

8. Substance?

9. Plant?

10. Animal?

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