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` all i want is to be your harbor.

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Name:Hosokawa-Akechi Gracia ❝ガラシャ❞

` this is a strange and wonderful world!
From KOEI's hack-n-slash video game Samurai Warriors 3: Xtreme Legends, Gracia is the daughter of the infamous Akechi Mitsuhide and the wife of the daimyo Hosokawa Tadaoki. Friendly to a fault, ever-curious and extremely loyal to those she cares for, Gracia fights for her father's dream of peace and tranquility - a "gentle" land where war no longer exists. At the same time, she is rather innocent of the ways of the world, fueling her eagerness to learn more about everything and anything she comes across; why do people fight, what do they live for, and what does it really take for someone to achieve the ultimate goal?

Interests (73):

"tell me!", /oblivious, a gentle world, akechi, being disobedient, being friends is cool, being mischievous, bff forever, bitchslapped by husband, biting thighs :|, boxes, boxes are amazing, boxes are cool, bright, but why?, chichiue, curious complex, daddy is awesome, denser than you, doing stupid things, exploring, father complex, fatherrrrrrr, fireballsss, fist pumps are cool, friends, friendship, friendship is a religion, friendship rules, hating hideyoshi, helping anti-toyotomi, highest musou fuckyeah, hnngh no fighting, hosokawa, i love daddy, kai, kawaiiiii, laserbeams a go, magic me this, mago, magoichi, magoichi saika, making friends, mitsuhide, mori, mori ranmaru, motochika, mukodono, nene, never giving up, omg boxes, one-track mind, peace, persistent little thing, pop-up gracia, purple, ran, ranmaru, rebel child!!1, risking life for pals, running away, saika, seeing new things, she glows :|, sleeping in a box, smileeees, still pretty innocent, stop asking questions, tadaoki, the word 'why', think before do, traveling, weird flower thing
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